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Seven steps for housing in Uppsala!

The housing market in Uppsala is difficult. There is a large housing deficit and at the same time no coordinated/common housing administration. What Uppsala does have is about thirty different housing companies, each with their own housing, queues and regulations. 

1) Register in the queue!

If you are considering applying to study in Uppsala, it is beneficial for you to register in housing queues. Even if you don’t know whether or not you are coming to Uppsala in the end, having an early start in the housing market will make it easier. Under Housing in Uppsala you find all housing companies where you can register. 


2) Nation housing!

Look at the student nations’ housing foundations, they own about a third of the student housing stock. You generally need to be a member to accumulate points in their queues, but some of them will allow you to register anyway. Under Nation housing you find more information about the nations' housing and how to apply. 


3) Be active in your search!

This means that you visit the pages of the companies or foundations you have registered in and apply for available housing. There is a lot of competition in the market already at the first admissions round, so you need to put in time into your house hunting every day.


4) Apply for housing through private ads!

You can find private ads that we have screened on our pageFollow us on Facebook (Studentboet ads/annonser) to get live updates of newly published ads on studentboet.se. Be careful not to pay anything before you know it actually exists. We can help you do a background check. If you want more advice on what to think of when renting from a private landlord, see Advice when renting.  

Tip: Since there is so much competition for the August listings it might be worth signing a contract from July or even June. It is cheaper to pay one or two months’ extra rent than paying for hostels or hotels.


5) Corridor room through Uppsala student union

Uppsala student union mediates corridor rooms at Vattholmavägen. The ads for these rooms are posted with the ads under Housing. They are rented out on a “first come first serve” principle. Learn more about this housing under About Vattholmavägen.


6) Don’t lose patience, persevere!

If you have not found housing by the time of the second admissions round don’t give up! Check the housing sites several times a day. Make sure you include studentboet.se in that routine. In order to get housing through an ad remember these three things:

i) be among the first to answer an ad,

ii) always be polite and articulate,

iii) never pay in advance or send copies of your id or passport to strangers.


7) Emergency housing

At the start of the fall semester Studentboet organises Emergency Housing at a local hostel at a reduced prize for students that have not found housing yet. This housing is available for a few weeks at the beginning of term. You can apply for Emergency housing under Emergency Housing.  



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