Rental contracts

To avoid misunderstandings and conflict, it is helpful to review the condition of the room or apartment to be rented.

We have gathered different lists and templates for keeping track of furnishings and damage to the room, to make it easier to follow up that the room and furniture are left in the same condition as they were when the tenant moved in. We recommend everyone who is renting out or is renting to use these templates and save a copy each.


Attached files

ENG/SVE Sublease apartment / Andrahandskontrakt Andrahandskontrakt

ENG/SVE List of furniture and fittings / Möbel- och inventarieförteckning

ENG/SVE Defects and damages in the room/apartment / Skador och brister i lägenheten

ENG/SVE Cleaning schedule / Städschema   


What should I think of when writing a contract?

It is important that you establish a written contract. This contract should be as specific as possible. Templates and attachments for contracts can be found above.


Ending a contract

In order to end a contract, it must be terminated. This goes for both onward lets and fixed term agreements if the tenant has let the apartment for more than nine months.

A registered letter which clearly states the date from which the termination comes in to force which is signed and dated is the preferred method. It is hard to establish that an e-mail has been received and the receiver could refrain from reading that particular e-mail.


When does the termination come in to effect?

If the period of notice for contract termination is three months and the notice of termination arrives to the tenant (or to the landlord if it is the tenant who terminates the contract then it is three months from the start of the coming calendar month. Thus, three months plus the remaining days of the current month. This applies for subletting of rental apartments and on live-in tenants in rental apartments. 


If the contract is terminated on the 12th of August, it comes into effect on the 30th of November.


The time of termination in the contract

In the contract the time interval for termination should be stated. If it is stated and specified in the contract it is valid. According to the law on renting out your home (meaning that you own the house or you rent out a condominium) the termination period should be one month when the subletting tenant terminates the contract, and three months when the primary tenant, the landlord in this case, terminates the contract.  Other time periods can be agreed upon in the contract, but any discrepancies with the law must be agreed upon by the subletting tenant.


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