About Vattholmavägen

Uppsala Student Union mediates corridor rooms at Vattholmavägen. The ads for these rooms are posted among all the second hand ads under Housing. We do not use a queue system for these rooms, but we apply the “first come first serve” principle. The first people to apply for the rooms get them if they fulfill our criteria. The ads for these rooms are posted the first workday of every month (not July) and are deleted the second Friday of that same month. You apply for the rooms in each ad.

About the company

The student housing at Vattholmavägen 16 is owned by Genova Kvarngärdet AB. The management of the housing is run by Uppsala Student Union, who will administrate all regarding announcement of available housing, rental agreements etc. The conditions for the management are decided by Genova Kvarngärdet AB.

About the housing area

The housing at Vattholmavägen 16 is a corridor complex near to Uppsala mosque, other student housing areas and close to the city. Nearby there is a ICA supermarket, a bike repairer, several restaurants etc.  A walk to the city takes about 20 minutes, it takes 10 minutes by bike and you can also take the bus.

About the rooms

There are 56 rooms divided into two floors. There is a big kitchen for the rooms downstairs and two smaller kitchens for the rooms upstairs. There are also a laundry room, and two living rooms. There are no storage rooms. Each room has a toilet and a shower. The common areas are furnished and there are household appliances and cupboards for keeping food in. The rooms are not furnished.

The rental charge includes electricity, water and heating, cleaning of the common areas once a week, Internet and one month free of charge (July). The contract is with two months’ notice.

You can have a look on the pictures of the common areas and the floor plan of both floors in the attached files on the bottom of this page.

1. Corridor rooms 10-12,5 sqms, rent 3774 kr-4080 kr, 35 rooms

2. Corridor rooms 14-17,5 sqms, rent 3876 kr – 4692 kr, 14 rooms

3. Corridor rooms 18,5-20 sqms, rent 4284kr – 4335kr, 3 rooms

4. Two rooms flat 25 sqms, rent 6222 kr, 1 flat

5. Corridor room 31 sqms, rent 6120 kr, 1 room

6. Two rooms flat 39 sqms, rent 7752 kr, 1 flat

Requirements and distribution 

First weekday of every month we put out ads for all available rooms regardless of the date in which these will become available. On the second Friday of every month, in the morning, the ads will be removed and an e-mail will be sent to everyone who has applied for the rooms. The applicants will need to confirm their interest in the room by submitting transcripts and income certificates no later than the following Monday. On Tuesday, the initial offers will be sent out and then you will have until Thursday in which to respond and be prepared to sign the contract. If these applicants decide to refuse the offer, we will move on to the next person already on Friday. We continue that way as long as we have people who have shown interest for the rooms. If you have not heard from us within two weeks you can always contact us at housing@studentboet.se. 

Deviation from the above time schedule can occur. The rooms will however always be distributed by a first-in-line principle. 

Moving-in date can be read in the ad itself and is not negotiable, meaning that if the room that is advertised is available from June and you want to move in in August then you should be prepared to pay rent from June. Sometimes a room is available from the middle of the month, for example, second week of June. You will obviously not have to pay for the time that we cannot offer you access to the room.

We offer a firsthand contract valid us long as you fulfill our criteria. To rent a room you need to be a university student (at least 50% study rate), free of debts, and have an income corresponding to CSN for fulltime studies or more.

When we ask for a certificate of studies and income you do not need to do anything more complicated than sending us a pdf-file of your letter of admission/certificate of registration/CSN decision. Do you have other paper you want to submit, you can scan it and send it through email. The important thing is that we can see where you have downloaded the information from, your name and social security number and the course you are going to study / income you will have the coming semester.

Neither Uppsala Student Union nor Studentboet has a housing queue. These rooms will be distributed on a first-in-line principle, given that you fulfill all our criteria. If you have payment remarks in your name you will be moved to the end of the line. After that it will be up to the owner of the property, to decide whether or not you are eligible for housing. If you apply for any of our rooms Uppsala Student Union will run a credit check on you. If it is not possible to run a credit check or if you cannot prove that you have a stable income we will need a deposit of 2 months’ rent in advance. 



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