Rights and obligations of a landlord

Great, you want to rent out a room or sublet your whole housing! First, to know your rights and obligations, you need know what type of rental agreement applies for your housing.


If you want to rent out a room, regardless of if it is in a rental apartment or in a condominium, you can read about your rights under Live-in tenancy.

If you have a rental contract and want to sublet your apartment, you will learn about your rights under Tenancy.

If you have a condominium or own your own house, you will learn about what laws apply and your rights under Condominium.  


Advice when subletting

1. Make sure that you have the approval to sublet from your landlord/property owner

2. Use a written contract, both for you and your tenants security

3. List all the furnishing in the living space 

4. List any damage in the living space

5. Check your tenant for things such as ability to pay or references

6. Make sure the tenant has a home insurance

7. Your tenant should pay the rent to you, not the property owner

8. If subletting a tenancy for a period longer than two years, don’t forget to write a contract which denies the new tenant the right to the security of tenure.

9. Set a fair rent. Base the price on how much of the area the student has free access to


If you are uncertain about something, don't hesitate to contact us and ask for advice!





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