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Studentboet collaborates with various organizations to better reach out with our services, but also to facilitate the search for housing students in Uppsala. We have an extra close cooperation with four organizations; HUS, jagvillhabostad.nu, Qasa and Housing Anywhere. What these organizations do and how they can help you in your housing search or in your housing situation in general, you can read about below.


Studentboet collaborates with HUS, the tenants' association Uppsala student housing. HUS is a compound for you who live in student housing in Uppsala. They negotiate your rent and other leasing terms if you are living with Studentstaden AB, Heimstaden AB, Rikshem AB, Majklockan AB and Stiftelsen Ultuna Student Housing. If you do not live with any of these housing companies, you can still get the legal help from HUS by the cooperation that exists between HUS and Studentboet. If you live in any of the companies above, you can get in touch with HUS right away, or else you can contact Studentboet to get advice on rents or other matters relating to your residence.

Are you curious about HUS we give you the advice to visit their homepage. Do you want to know more about the cooperation between HUS and Studentboet, feel free to contact us.


Studentboet collaborates with jagvillhabostad.nu, a members' organisation for young adults that are tired of the housing shortage and want to do something about it. Our cooperation has mainly consisted of joined campaigns to bring forth different issues that students and young adults face in today's housing market. jagvillhabostad.nu, translates to I Want Housing Now and has developed several innovation projects like Villbo and SnabbaHus. If you want to know more about their activities and projects, visit their homepage. Do you want to know more about the cooperation between jagvillhabostad.nu and Studentboet, feel free to contact us.


Studentboet collaborates with Qasa to offer easier and safer sublease. Qasa’s idea and purpose is just that, making it easier and safer to let and rent out second hand. This is achieved through smart digital tools that assist providers and housing applicants during the entire hiring process. With Qasa, for example, your deposit is in safe hands, so you cannot possibly be fooled by imposters, your property is insured and the lease payments are guaranteed. Neither the renter nor tenant has something to worry about!

To rent out or sublet is as much about finding the right person as it is to get help with handling leases, insurance and guaranteed rental payments. The idea of Qasa is that you should feel a hundred percent safe, from the beginning to the end of the lease.

Qasa helps providers and people looking for housing find each other

Creating an ad on Qasa's homepage is fast and advertisers can, with just a few clicks, get an overview of all relevant housing applicants who show interest. If you’re looking for housing, simply create a free profile, it becomes a bit like a digital resume with all the information landlords ask for in one place. After this, Qasa does all the work for you and match you with relevant housing!


Flexible leases signed online

With Qasa you can tailor and sign your own leases online. You can use the contract even if you have not found your counterpart via Qasa!

Qasa ensures secure payments

With Qasa the landlord can be sure to get paid on time every month! Meanwhile, deposits are handled on a separate client account, which provides security for the tenant. Qasa secures thus secure payments for both the tenant as a rental. This can be especially interesting for foreign students, because there is no room for scammers at Qasa and you will no longer need to go on display to be sure of the authenticity of the accommodation. With Qasa, no one can be deceived!

Get insurance from Qasa

If you want to ensure the accommodation during the rental, you can do that too: Qasa offers rental insurance in cooperation with Moderna Försäkringar, tailored specifically for sublease!

What does it cost?

A fee of 5 percent is embedded to the advertised rent. In other words, no hidden charges!

Are you curious about Qasa we advise you to visit their homepage. Do you want to know more about the cooperation between Qasa and Studentboet, feel free to contact us.

Housing Anywhere

Studentboet collaborates with the Housing Anywhere since 2015. Housing Anywhere is an accommodation platform with the aim of helping students, mostly coming from other countries, to find housing. The cooperation between Studentboet and Housing Anywhere involves sharing ads within the Uppsala area, with each other. If someone puts out a room on Housing anywhere’s page it will also appear in Studentboet’s ad stream, and vice versa. When you create your ad, you can choose to be a part of this service and share your ad on both Studentboet’s and Housing Anywhere’s sites. 


Are you curious about Housing Anywhere, we advise you to visit their homepage. Do you want to know more about the cooperation between Housing Anywhere and Studentboet, feel free to contact us.

The cooporation includes that you as a student are entitled to piriority access to all accommodation on Housing Anywhere, a "VIP-status", sign up here. If you have any questions on what it includes to have "VIP-status" you can reach Housing Anywhere here. 

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