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Survival Tour - your guide in the housing jungle

Under the banner Survival Tour Studentboet and our affiliates organize different events to facilitate the housing situation for the students. Our partners are Uppsala University Housing Office (UUHO), Hyresgästföreningen Uppsala Studentbostäder (HUS) and The events will be published in the calendar below and also at our Facebook-pages Studentboet and Studentboet ads/annonser.


Emergency housing

During the fall semester Studentboet organize Emergency housing for those students who have not yet found a place to live. We rent beds at a hostel which students can apply for and book at a reduced price. The price includes breakfast in the hostel and free wifi. You bring your own bedding, but if you don’t have any you can rent it from the hostel.

Emergency accommodation is arranged for one to two months depending on demand. Do you want to apply for emergency accommodation? The application is activated prior to each fall semester, normally in the beginning of August. This will also be announced at our Facebook-pages Studentboet and Studentboet ads/annonser, so keep an eye out! If you have any questions you can always contact us directly.

Read more and apply for emergency accommodation under Emergency Housing.


Calendar - Autumn semester 2020 - updates with dates will be updated soon! 


- Uppsala University student reception 

Speed-letting with UUHO - date to be announced.

This semester Uppsala University Housing Office offers student housing for students who normally don’t fit their requirements, all university students can be offered a room. 

Address: Kungsgatan 27, Uppsala

- Campus Tour - Am I paying too much in rent? Can I get money back from my landlord? My studentroom is really cold, is that legal? Do you have questions about your housing? Come see us at our campus tour and we'll help you to get answers to your questions.

We will be visiting the following campuses this semester:

-  Studentboet & HUS campusturné på Engelska parken (Main entrance hall H3) 

 - Studentboet & HUS campusturné på Blåsenhus (Entrance hall) 

 - Studentboet & HUS campusturné på Ångström (Siegbahn-salen) 

 - Studentboet & HUS campusturné på Ekonomikum (lokstallarna) 

 - Studentboet & HUS campusturné på SLU (outside the library) 

Survival Guide i Uppsala

Our Survival Guide provides information to new students to make it easier to enter the housing market and to avoid conflicts with landlords. The Guide is a brochure that you can find attached below on this page, and in physical form at our offices on Övre Slottsgatan.

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