User conditions

Through registering membership on the user agrees to the following conditions:

Studentboet may save the personal information given by the user, including IP-address, in accordance with the Swedish Personal Information Law [Personluppgiftslagen (1998:204)]. As a user you consent to that all the information you put on the site is saved in a database. This information will not be distributed to a third party without your consent. Exempt from this rule is when a user breaks the law and Studentboet’s administrators are legally obligated to hand over information about the user and/or the users activities on the site. Users consent to a User’s registry on Studentboet.


Studentboet cannot be held responsible for the communication between users or to make sure that the information given is correct. If a user has a claim towards another user due to that user’s use of Studentboet, then the claimant accepts that the claim should be made known to the other user independently and without the involvement of Studentboet and that Studentboet is free from all claims, costs and obligations, known or unknown that result from or in connection to this claim.  Studentboet reserves the right to suspend a user on suspicion of illicit sub-leasing, fraud etc. Studentboet reserves the right to refuse to publish ads suspected of illicit sub-leasing, fraud, etc.

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