Housing companies

The communal housing queue administered by Uppsala municipality.

A lot of housing companies administer their housing through this page, e.g. Byggvesta, EHB, Novi, Stena Fastigheter, Uppsalahem, Uppsala kommuns fastighets AB, Wallenstam and Studentstaden. The annual fee to enter this queue is 290 SEK. If you're offered to sign a contract there is an additional administration fee of 625 SEK.  


If you don't have a Swedish personal number:

Registration without a Swedish personal number


The Nations' Housing

Uppsala's 13 nations (student associations) own their own housing. Some nations have an electronic application system and some have a more manual handleling of the queueing which means that you need to visit the nation to be able to sign up for the housing queue. All information about the nations' housing and on how to apply can be found at their common site, uppsalastudent.com. To be able to live in a nation's housing, you need to be a member of the nation that owns the housing.  



Uppsala akademiförvaltning

Have student housing in Lilla Sunnersta and on Gustaf Kellbergs väg. 




Most of Heimstaden's student housing is situated in Fogsta. 




Rikshem have studenthousing at Kantorsgatan and on Eklundshovsvägen. 



Eklundshofs fastigheter

Eklundshofs fastigheter have student housing on Eklundshofsvägen. They have corridor rooms as well as student apartments. There is no queueing system, instead you can send an application to their e-mail: info@eklundshoffastigheter.se 



D. Carnegie (former Graflunds)

D. Carnegie offers student housing in Valsätra, 6 km south of Uppsala. Valsätra is within biking distance from SLU and have good bus communications.




Klangen offers student housing in a nice house in central Uppsala. 



Stiftelsen Ansgarsgården

Ansgarsgården have student housing at Studentvägen. Students that are active members of the Church of Sweden will be prioritized. 



Stiftelsen Norrbyska studenthemmet

Norrbyska studenthemmet offer student housing at S:t Johannesgatan. Theology students that study for clergy in the Church of Sweden will be prioritized. Send in an application if you're interested in this housing.



Siftelsen nykterhetsvännernas studenthem

Siftelsen nykterhetsvännernas studenthem offers student housing at Sturegatan. This is a non-alcoholic accommodation and students that are active abstainers. 



Stiftelsen Ultuna studentbostäder

Stiftelsen Ultuna studentbostäder offers housing to students at SLU, the Swedish University of Agricultural Science. SLU students that are members of the SLU student union are prioritized.



Stiftelsen Waldenströmska studenthemmet

Stiftelsen Waldenströmska studenthemmet have about 150 corridor rooms and some apartments. The accommodation is located at Sturegatan. Students that are active members of a free-church congregation will be prioritized. Each start of semester half of all the avaiable corridor rooms are reserved for new students.



Byggvesta offers apartments in Rosendal and Östra Sala Backe. 


Housing companies outside of Uppsala 


Tierpsbyggen offers apartments in Tierp. You can reach Uppsala by train from Tierp in about 30 minutes.



Hebygårdar AB

Hebygårdar AB offers apartments in Vittinge, Morgongåva and Heby. The accommodation is situated respectively 25, 35 and 45 km from Uppsala. You can reach Uppsala from Heby both by bus and by train.



Husman AB

Husman AB offers apartments in communities in all of northern Uppland. Some accommodation is located quite close to Uppsala and some a bit further away.




Östhammarshem offers student housing in Österbybruk and Gimo. You can reach Uppsala from Gimo by bus in 30 minutes and from Österbybruk in 60 minutes. 




Roslagsbostäder offers housing in Hallstavik among other communities. 




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